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Our 100% Australian Grass Fed Lamb is a naturally rich source of omega-3, zinc and vitamin B12 and is sourced from only the best farms Australia wide. Tender and juicy, lamb is delicious alongside a hearty plate of winter vegetables or a fresh spring salad – don’t forget the mint! We offer a large selection of quality lamb online,  including chops, steaks, roasts, sausages and more.

We love lamb, and we know Brisbane loves its lamb. So we take care to source only the best grass-fed lamb for everyone to enjoy, from the best farms from around Australia. Lamb is not only a tender, juicy, delicious meat, but it is also a naturally rich source of omega-3, zinc and vitamin B12. Carina North Quality Meats offer a large selection of quality cuts including chops, steaks, roasts, sausages and more to suit any recipe. Lamb is the perfect meat to serve up with hearty winter vegetables or next to a fresh summer salad for those warm Brisbane days.


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    Boneless Lamb Shoulder Roast (1.5kg)

  • Lamb_Butterflied_Leg_Exercito_1

    Butterfly Leg of Lamb 1.1kg

  • IMG_6651

    Easy Carve Leg of Lamb 1.5kg

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    Gluten-Free Lamb Kofta Sticks 12

  • Butterflied lamb

    Grass Fed Butterflied Lamb Leg (1kg)

  • Lamb_Greek_Lamb_Stirfry_Vegetable

    Greek Lamb Stirfry 1kg

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    Lamb Baby Ribs – 400g

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    Lamb Cutlets (500g)

    $23.00 $19.55
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    Lamb Dog Bones 1kg

  • Lamb_Halloumi_Kebabs

    Lamb Haloumi Kebabs 7 per pack

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    Lamb honey & Garlic Sausages 1kg

  • meat online brisbane - lamb loin chops

    Lamb Loin Chops 1kg

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    Lamb Maple Smokey Bacon Sausages

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    Lamb Mignon 250 g each 2 per item

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    Lamb Pack

    $60.00 $54.00
  • Save! lamb bbq aussie pack - 10 adults

    Lamb Pack – Feeds 10 Adults (Online Exclusive!)

    $80.00 $72.00
  • Lamb_Popeye

    Lamb Popeyes 1kg

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    Lamb shoulder with bone-in (2kg)

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    Lamb, Lemon, Garlic Kebabs (6)


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  • online butcher brisbane - mince

    Lean Lamb Mince

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    Leg of Lamb 2kg

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    Red wine garlic lamb shanks 1kg

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    Ribs Pack

  • pork_rissoles

    Rosemary-Mint Lamb Rissoles (10)

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    Rosemary-Mint Lamb Rump Roast

  • sausage_rolls

    Rosemary-Mint Lamb Sausage Rolls 10

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    Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder Boats

  • online butcher brisbane - lamb shanks

    Trim Lamb Shanks 1kg

  • spit whole lamb loin roasts

    Whole Lamb Loin for Spit Roasting

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    Whole Lamb Pack – 22kg